October 21-23 

Santiago de Chile,  Chile

ACMaSDA  2024 - Applications of Computational Mathematics to Simulation and Data Analysis

This workshop focuses on the applications of computational mathematics to simulation and data analysis in various fields of science and engineering. It seeks to highlight the potential of interdisciplinary interactions as a source of new knowledge. 

Contributions with new research results involving computational mathematics, numerical methods, high performance computing, and their applications in different fields, such as fluid mechanics, mass and heat transfer, econophysics, weather forecasts, medical or biological processes are welcome.


List of topics of interest, but are not limited to the following:


Carlos Balsa, CEDRI-IPB, Portugal

Victoria Espinar, CITMaga - USC, Spain 

Ronan Guivarch, IRIT-UFTMiP, France

Sílvio Gama, CMUP-UP, Portugal


Axel Carlier, UT-INP-IRIT, Toulouse, France

Carlos Veiga Rodrigues, Vestas Wind Systems A/S,  Portugal

Ehouarn Simon, IRIT-UFTMiP, France

Francesco Paparella, NYU, Dubai

José Abílio Matos, CMUP–FEP, Portugal

José Rufino, CeDRI-IPB, Portugal

Maria João Rodrigues, CMUP-FCUP, Portugal

Mário Escudeiro, IPB, Portugal

Olivier Cots, IRIT-UFTMiP, France

Paulo Piloto, GICoS-IPB, Portugal

Paulo Vasconcelos, CMUP-FEP, Portugal

Roman Chertovskih, SYSTEC- FEUP, Portugal

Sandrine Mouysset, UT-UPS-IRIT, France