International Conference on Advanced Research in Technologies, Information, Innovation and Sustainability

September 18-20

Santiago de Compostela, Spain


We invite researchers and practitioners to report on up-to-date innovation and development, and summarize the state-of-the-art, ideas and advances in all aspects of the most recent innovations, trends, results, experiences, and concerns in the several perspectives of Technologies, Information, Innovation, and Sustainability.

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit papers for evaluation by the Scientific Committee. All papers will be subjected to a “double-blind review” by at least three members of the Scientific Committee, on the basis of relevance, originality, importance, and clarity.

Submitted papers should be related to one or more of the main themes proposed.

  1. Computing Solutions

    • Applied Information Systems (e. g. Healthcare, Law, Economics, Education)

    • Web and Mobile Applications

    • Networks, Mobility, Ubiquity and Pervasive Systems

    • Innovative Computing

    • Gamification Application and Technologies

    • Software Engineering

  1. Data Intelligence

    • Advanced Computational Intelligence (e. g. Geoinformatics, Neural Computing, Web Scraping)

    • Computer Vision and Image Processing

    • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

    • Data Engineering, Analytics, and Applications

    • Intelligent and Decision Support Systems

    • Information and Knowledge Management

  1. Sustainability

    • Immersive Tech and the Future of Smart Cities

    • Industrial Advanced Internet of Things

    • Internet of Things Environment

    • Sustainable Infrastructure Development

    • Technology, Marketing and Socio-economic challenges

  1. Ethics, Security, and Privacy

    • Information and Telecommunication Systems Security

    • Innovative Communication Networks and Security

    • Vulnerabilities of Interoperability and Information system

    • Interdisciplinary Information Studies

    • Ethics of Social Sciences for Computer Applications