Organized by National Technological Institute of Mexico

October 18-20

Madrid, Spain

ISHMC 2023 - Intelligent Systems for Health and Medical Care

In this workshop the current research topics such as agents performed to personalized health systems for autonomous assistance, intelligent agents to manage patient care, information agents that retrieve medical information, intelligent and distributed data mining, and multi-agent systems that assist the doctors in the tasks of monitoring, decision support, and diagnosis, multi-agent systems focused in well-being.


List of topics of interest, but are not limited to the following:

  • Co-operation between intelligent agents to improve patient management (e.g., distributed patient scheduling).

  • Agents that provide remote or elderly care delivery.

  • Agents that provide information about medical services.

  • Medical agent-based decision support systems.

  • Cognitive Sciences

  • Neutrosophic set and its application

  • Computational Intelligence

  • Intelligent systems in telehealth

  • Intelligent systems in telemedicine

  • Intelligent systems in psychological care

  • Intelligent systems in healthcare systems

  • Intelligent systems for neurology care


Arnulfo Alanis, TecNM, Mexico

Bogart Yail Marquez, TecNM, Mexico

Rosario Baltazar, TecNM, Mexico

National Technological Institute of Mexico


Arnulfo Alanis Garza , Tecnológico Nacional de México/campus Tijuana, México

Maria de los Angeles Quezada, Tecnológico Nacional de México/campus Tijuana, México

María del Rosario Baltazar Flores, Tecnológico Nacional de México/campus León, México

Lenin G. Lemus-Zúñiga (Universitat Politècnica de València. España

Delia Irazú Hernández Farias (Tecnológico Nacional de México/campus León, México

Bogar Yail Márquez Lobato (Tecnológico Nacional de México/campus Tijuana, México)

Yessica Imelda Saavedra Benítez, Centro Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico - CENIDET, Mexico