International Conference on Advanced Research in Technologies, Information, Innovation and Sustainability


August 8, 15, 2021 Submission deadline for the final version of the Papers

November 25-27, Salinas, Ecuador ONLINE

Special Sessions

#RTNT 2021 - #Boost Tourism using New Technologies

This workshop will discuss new technologies applied to the Tourism Sector. The main goal is to reunite all the research contributes and find different avenues for the Tourism Industry in a pos-Covid Era.

In the past two years, the sector was devastated by the novel coronavirus. Taking that into consideration, thereĀ“s high expectations that technologies and digital instruments will continue to have an important role in that reconstruction. As Alvin Toffler previewed, technology is the drive of change! Hopefully it will work as a leverage in a transformational world.

ACMaSDA 2021 - Applications of Computational Mathematics to Simulation and Data Analysis

This workshop focuses on the applications of computational mathematics to simulation and data analysis in various fields of science and engineering. It seeks to highlight the potential of interdisciplinary interactions as a source of new knowledge.

Contributions with new research results involving computational mathematics, numerical methods, high performance computing, and their applications in different fields, such as fluid mechanics, mass and heat transfer, weather forecasts, medical or biological processes are welcome.

CICITE 2021 - Challenges and the Impact of Communication and Information Technologies on Education

Is a multidisciplinary workshop that focuses on the challenges and the impact of communication and information technologies on education in a transversal way. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, that hit the world population in early 2020, and required governments to take emergency action in the most varied areas of society in order to contain its spread. Most countries have adopted WHO guidelines, which has led to the closure of schools. Education agents were immediately forced to reinvent themselves and adapt to a new educational model supported by digital technologies and based on online education methodologies. Many were, and continue to be, the challenges experienced by students and teachers, and new strategies adopted to mitigate the effects of the transition to online teaching, as well as the future prospects for education.

ISHMC 2021 - Intelligent Systems for Health and Medical Care

In this workshop the current research topics such as agents performed to personalized health systems for autonomous assistance, intelligent agents to manage patient care, information agents that retrieve medical information, intelligent and distributed data mining, and multi-agent systems that assist the doctors in the tasks of monitoring, decision support and diagnosis, multi-agent systems focused in well-being.

ET-AI 2021 - Emergent Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

This workshop will create a space for sharing and discussion of existing work in this area and the future of AI techniques applied to emergent topics. The goal is to encourage further applications industry of existing work and to encourage more researchers to explore AI as a means for improved systems automation and efficiency.

IWEBTM 2021 International Workshop on Economics, Business and Technology Management

This workshop is a multidisciplinary workshop that focuses to provide a premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Economics, Business and Technology Management.

IWET 2021 - International Workshop on Electronic and Telecommunications

This workshop calls for original research in the field of electronic and telecommunication engineering for applications in all fields of science and technology. IWET 2021 remains one of the challenges posed by business and industry in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, namely in the areas of electronics, telecommunications and computers.

TechDiComM 2021 - Technological Strategies on Digital Communication and Marketing

This workshop calls for research revolving around digital marketing and related technologies field. Papers at the intersection of these two domains are especially welcome and we incentivize authors to take the overarching conference theme of technology in consideration in their submissions.

We aim at bringing together scholars interested in the ever-evolving dynamics of the digital world and their impact in marketing and branding theories and practices. An up-to-date knowledge on digital marketing and technologies is essential to tackle the broader challenges that come together with connectivity, globalization, and the increasing use of technology in the management of organizations and in the markets.

Papers from marketing and other management areas are welcome. There are no paradigmatic or methodological preferences but papers should meaningfully advance current knowledge.

gL-ARTIIS 2021 - Elucidation of scientific concepts used in ARTIIS within glossaLAB (transversal activity)

GlossaLAB has set up a space for the elucidation of the scientific concepts used within the International Conference on Advanced Research in Technologies, Information, Innovation and Sustainability (ARTIIS) as a means to facilitate interdisciplinary communication and, as a consequence, to leverage knowledge co-creation across the different disciplines gathered. GlossaLAB, in which conference organisers are involved, offers an open platform for conceptual elucidation and its application to the interdisciplinary co-creation, learning, dissemination and assessment of the knowledge underpinning interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary frameworks.

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